LMS Projects

From the start, one major focus of LMS was the export of laboratory and medical engineering products. Today LMS is not only deeply involved in the traditional laboratory but also the project business. After all, we can count on our project-specific expertise and our reliable partners in national and international invitations to bid. We manage this with an international network of manufacturers who help us with procurement and logistical handling and ensure after-sales service.


Our field of activities ranges from commercial invitations to bid all the way to humanitarian projects on behalf of GOs and NGOs.

LMS Consult

In LMS you will find quality products from German and inter- national manufacturers, non-branded products and small appliances for the daily laboratory work that we sell under their own label.

LMS Projects

Between LMS, manufacturers and retailers over time close partnership have developed compounds that we maintain carefully. On the positive experience that we ...

LMS Brand

Our wide product range consists of high quality products from German and international manufacturers and includes branded products as well as non-branded products.